October 2016:

This month I had the pleasure of composing music for the speaker reel of award-winning Swedish Founder, CEO and International Keynote Speaker Therése Gedda.

The custom piece is looped throughout the 3-minute reel highlighting her speaking talents and performances at prestigious events and conferences such as TEDx Made In Europe, Arctic15, and Boostrapping Your Startup.

Watch the speaker reel via YouTube, to your right.

April 2014:
The award-winning Australian short-film 'Home' directed by Cameron McCulloch, which features The Black String Theory song "Too Late" in the credits, is screening again at The Astor Theatre in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday May 24 at pm, as part of Zombiethon at the St. Kilda Film Festival. Grab tickets now...this will sell out! Visit The St Kilda Film Festival Zombiethon website for more information and to purchase tickets.

May 2014: 

I am thrilled to announce that I am working as the music composer for the 1st annual Los Angeles Science Fiction one-act play festival, Sci-Fest, which starts May 2014 at the Acme Theatre in Hollywood. Tickets are on sale now. Oh, and if you buy tickets before April 11, you will receive a 20% discount when you buy 2 or more tickets!

I am truly honoured to working with such incredible producers, directors and actors, and on such brilliant plays including Ray Bradbury's KALEIDOCOPE and Ursula K. LeGuin's THE WIFE'S STORY.

Musically, I'm working on creating many different moods and styles including some really spacial, ambient pieces. For those particular pieces, I've been immersing myself in Steven Price's Gravity and Clint Mansell's Moon scores.

If you have the opportunity, you must check out this festival!


July 2014:

Although my involvement came towards the end of the project, I am delighted to have worked with director Philippe Mora (Communion, The Howling II, The Marsupials: The Howling III, Man Dog Morgan) on his latest independent feature film, The Sound of Spying.

I worked closely with Philippe on The Sound of Spying theme song, producing and mixing the track as well as writing and recording all the instrumentation behind the vocal of chanteuse Tequila Mockingbird. I also supplied additional music cues throughout the film.

The film will make its festival debut in Wroclaw, Poland at the 14th Annual New Horizons Film Festival on July 30, 2014. Check out the first trailer here, which features various music pieces composed by Songs of Liberation. Visit The Sound of Spying on IMDB and The Sound of Spying Facebook page for more information. 

September 2014:

After the incredible success of the 1st Annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival, Sci-Fest LA earlier this year (see May 2014 news below), the producers behind the festival of have confirmed that Sci-Fest will return in 2015!

A "sizzle reel" containing footage from this year's festival has just been launched, which you can view to your right. The video also includes an electronica piece I created especially for the video, which can also be heard in its entirety via the Songs of Liberation Soundcloud.

Drop by the Sci-Fest LA Facebook page and give it a 'Like'. Be sure to also visit Sci-Fest.com for more information including how to submit your one-act play for next year's festival.

April 2015:

Songs of Liberation has been commissioned for the second year running to compose and produce music for the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival, SCI-FEST LA, which will run at the Acme Theatre in Hollywood, CA May 7, 2015 - May 31, 2015. This year's festival includes plays by CLIVE BARKER and NEIL GAIMAN.

Drop by the Sci-Fest LA Facebook page or  Sci-Fest.com for more information.

February 2016:

To coincide with the third annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival, SCI-FEST LA, which will run  in Hollywood during May 2016, we have released a 38-track digital album entitled 'Sci-Fest LA: The Soundtrack Album' containing a selection of the cues and music pieces created for the 2014 and 2015 festivals. 

The Indie-Go-Go campaign to fund the special effects for the festival was launched on February 2, 2016. Donors who donate $15 will receive a free download of the album!

Stream the album for free via Bandcamp now!

Visit the Sci-Fest LA Facebook page or  Sci-Fest.com for more information about this year's festival.