"I've made about forty movies and worked with some great musicians and composers including Maurice Gibb, Allan Zavod, William Motzing, Richard Hartley, Les Baxter, Eric Clapton and many others. The rising Scott van Dort is in that tradition and I predict great things for him."
- Philippe Mora, Director (Communion, The Beast Within, Mad Dog Morgan, The Howling II, The Marsupials: The Howling III)

"I was fortunate to have Scott work as musical director of the comedy radio play AL-I-EN THE FAMILY. It required numerous music and sound cues, all of which needed to evoke the suspense radio dramas of the 1940s. Scott composed some spot-on arrangements that really helped set the tone of the show."

 - Dan Castellaneta, Director, Sci-Fest '14; Actor/Writer, The Simpsons

"Thank you Scott for your original composition for the Sci-Fest production of FUTURE BOYFRIEND. Your intuitive musical response, having only read the piece, truly amazed me. After speaking with you briefly, your music captured and set the tone for the show as a whole. You are a directors dream and best musical collaborator I have worked with since the late, great, Fred Kaz. I can't wait to hear you and work with you again."

- Meagen Fay, Director FUTURE BOYFRIEND / Sci-Fest 2014

"We've used Songs of Liberation for several diverse projects and they have consistently delivered amazing work.  The high level of both the music composition and  production value is outstanding, and is of a standard far above that from some of the bigger companies I have used in the past.  They are easy to work with and seem have an innate and intuitive understanding of the nuances of creating amazing and original scores, soundtracks and other music cues that fit content perfectly.  I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone needing music for their work."

 - Rob Hollocks, Co-Founder RSJ Group

"I had a slew of unusual music cues for our sci-fi comedy SHOCK AND AWWW, and Scott totally delivered. He understood what I needed, even as the cues continued to evolve through the rehearsal process. Scott's an absolute pleasure to work with."
 - Deb Lacusta, Director and Co-Writer, SHOCK AND AWWW, Sci-Fest '14

“Scott’s work as the resident composer for Sci-Fest was remarkable.  It’s no easy task to first set and then change the tone of 9 different short Sci-Fi pieces.  Whether we were trying to create a sense of other worldliness or inject suspense, terror or awe into the proceedings, Scott’s music effortlessly managed to take us there.  Job well done.”  
- David Dean Bottrell, Producer, Sci-Fest: The Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival